Strange Weather

I should be grateful that during the strictest part of lockdown the weather was lovely … I think it would have been doubly hard if we’d had the miserable weather we’ve been having recently.

But it is still summer and when the sun does come out it is strong and bright which can give wonderful contrasts. Continue reading

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My New-ish Teleconverter

Well I hit eBay again last week and bought myself a second hand extender (also called a teleconverter). This is something that I can fit between the lens and the body of my camera to increase the overall magnification of the lens … but there is a cost … you get a more powerful lens, it’s true, but you lose some image quality and the handling is also affected. Continue reading

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I’m not a Big Fan of Cats … but

I’m in lockdown with a cat (it’s an involved story that has nothing to do with photography) and, as suggested in the title, I’m not a cat person.

But, I have to admit, that this is quite a photogenic animal. Her coat is made of a palette of creams and browns with long whispy tendrils of fur. Continue reading

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More Lockdown Abstraction

Here’s another thing that I find quite difficult to do effectively: make good, dramatic cloud photographs.

Yesterday the sky was changing quite rapidly so I used a circular polarising filter on my 50mm lens and took some photos of the backlit clouds. I reduced the exposure so that the whites weren’t blown out which made the sky a dark blue and the tree a silhouette. Continue reading

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Getting Abstract

Living in lockdown has meant that I haven’t been able to get out and use my camera in the same ways that I was doing a few months ago. That’s not to say that I haven’t been taking photographs.

Spring is here and the trees are coming into leaf. The new growth has a beautiful translucent green … so I decided to take some photographs based on colour rather than just a subject and its background. Continue reading

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