Botanic Garden of Wales

I love going to Llanarthne to the Botanic Garden of Wales, there are so many opportunities … for both photography and cake … two of my favourite things.
I took two lenses with me: a Lensbaby 56mm and a Canon 300mm. As expected, the Lensbaby produced some lovely, delicately soft images of flowers – just as I’ve described in earlier posts. But I had a feeling that we might see some more wildlife today so I packed the telephoto lens as well.

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White Balance

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the colour in your images is not quite the same as what you could see in real life? This could well be due to the white balance settings on your camera.
I use a handy, small piece of plastic called a WhiBal card which helps me to calibrate my images to their correct colours.
But why should you need to do this? Surely the colours of specific objects don’t change if you photograph them inside or outside; at dawn or midday?

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Cenarth Falls

It was a misty, dank day in West Wales and we both had the day off so Helen and I decided to go on a trip with our cameras. Initially the plan was to go to the Botanic Gardens of Wales in Llanarthne but the weather wasn’t great so we made a detour to the North Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire border.

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Spring Sunsets

Over the past week we have had a series of spectacular sunsets … and I have missed every one so far.
Tonight I endeavoured to capture the light changing just after the sun had set. The sunset was not quite as dramatic as those I’d seen last week but I enjoyed recording the images and producing a time-lapse video of the last thirty minutes of light.

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They Do It Better Than I Can

I was with my photography class this week and we were looking at long exposure images in order to show movement in an otherwise still image. We practised panning shots, with one person walking past, holding a flag (made from a softbox strut) and everyone else taking pictures.
Incidentally, we found that ⅙s (or thereabouts) in shutter priority mode gave the best results.

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