Well that’s complicated things …

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d bought myself a ‘new’ old camera: a Yashica 635 which could take both 35mm and 120mm film. I though it was novel, an oddity, something that would simply improve my digital photography. But I’ve since  developed the films and scanned them and now I feel a bit different about everything.

I love photography. I really like the options that my fancy digital cameras give to me. I will always appreciate their spark. Continue reading

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This Shoot Didn’t Go to Plan

I’ve been supporting a local venue, HaverHub, in Haverfordwest both through work and also in my own time.

They wanted someone to photograph some of their events so I said that I would help them out … because, of course, I’m a wonderful photographer with lots of experience … hmmm … Continue reading

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Model Shoot

Just before Christmas I worked with a model, Keziah Watts, to practice some lighting setups. It’s a lot of fun to work with someone who is confidant in front of the camera and, in the end, I feel that the results are better than I could have made on my own … because there are at least two people working on the image. Continue reading

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Further Adventures in Film

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d bought myself a second-hand SLR 35mm film camera body that I could use with my current lenses. I had learned a lot through using this camera, it helped me to slow down and think about my shots. It also introduced me to the fun of developing film.

Well I was hunting around on eBay and I saw an auction for a Yashica 635 TLR camera. It looked so different to the sort of cameras that I normally use that I was more than intrigued. Continue reading

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Experiments with Film

Earlier in the year I wanted something that would be both a new photographic challenge and a learning opportunity. Of course, when I first started to take photographs it was on film, then digital cameras became affordable and that changed the way I made pictures. But I had a nagging feeling that modern cameras were just a little too … convenient, I could afford to be more hit-and-miss with my photographs when I could see the results almost immediately on the screen. Continue reading

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Cardiff Bay

I went to Cardiff Bay on Sunday and took the Canon M6 with me, it’s my go-to camera for traveling as it’s so light and unobtrusive.

There was some welcome dry autumnal weather this weekend. There’s been such a prolonged spell of wet and gloomy weather over the past few weeks it was just wonderful to see the sun again. Continue reading

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Bonfire Night

I’ve never actually done this before, but I wanted to try to take some photos of a fireworks display so I went to a Pembrokeshire Young Farmers event in a field adjacent to Llys y Frân reservoir on Tuesday night last week. Continue reading

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Point of Interest

I’ve been using DJI drones for a few months now and I must say I’m impressed with the sheer processing power that both they and their controllers possess.

The controller contains the aerials and wireless gadgetry to communicate with the aircraft and it also has a hardware link to a smartphone or tablet. I use an iPhone, and have installed the DJI app which enables me to control both the drone’s flight and its camera. Continue reading

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A Sunday Night In

I’ve said it before, I enjoy buying a bunch of flowers and spending a whole evening taking photos of them from a variety of angles.

It’s just fun to try different lighting set-ups, different backdrops and various types of post-processing chicanery.

Continue reading

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Devil’s Bridge

I had a trip up to Mid Wales this weekend and I went to visit Devil’s Bridge just outside of Aberystwyth. I had just one lens with me, a Lensbaby 56mm Velvet, and no tripod. Devil’s Bridge is a series of three bridges built over a deep gorge with fast moving water running through it in a series of pools and waterfalls. Continue reading

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